More than 80% of the U.S. population has an ATM card.

60% of them use it an average of 8 times per month.  Customers are more likely to frequent locations with an ATM. This increases traffic to your location.  The convenience for your customers
increases your sales and means more money spent on food, drinks, and entertainment.  
Consumers are more likely to purchase goods if they have cash in hand. 

An ATM puts money in your customer’s hands.

Proven ATM customers spend an average of 30% more than non-ATM users.  Putting $24.00 of the average $80.00 withdrawal back in your cash drawer.  Multiply this by 300, 600, or 800 users every month, you'll increase your customers buying power spending more at your business every year.

ATMs increase daily traffic flow.

It only makes sense.  People are looking for conveniences -- "provide it and they will come".  Numbers vary, but some suggest an increase of 20% to 30% in business due to a properly placed ATM.  Studies show 75% of ATM cash withdrawals at bars and nightclubs are spent at the establishment.

Eliminate bad checks & minimize credit card fees.

Providing a cash alternative helps eliminate bounced checks and the cost of credit card processing.  While the amount of each credit card processing fee depends on the total purchase price, even small fees can add up to a significant expense.  Installing an ATM will increase cash transactions, thus saving you money by reducing the number of debit and credit card processing fees.

Revenue sharing.

ATM Connect, LLC will share a percentage of the ATM’s surcharge revenue providing
your business an additional revenue stream with our no-cost ATM program.  
It’s a great new revenue stream for your business.

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